Join our short Health Qigong Instructor Courses in London and the Midlands. Inspire others!

You have tried our one day courses and you feel inspired to share Qigong with small groups of people in your designated community. Or, you might already be a Health Qigong Instructor and you wish to learn or add a new style to your existing work. Browse through our Health Qigong Courses, each one having a different objective. See which one speaks to you.


• The Golden Ball Qigong Instructor Course consists of 2 days which are taught over two weekends. Saturdays: 10.00am – 4.30pm.
Overview: Learn to ignite your own energy and become a shining example to others. Become a Golden Ball Qigong Instructor and be a leading light in the Health Prevention and Wellness movement. Golden Ball Qigong is a beautiful Health Qigong set derived from Chinese Energetic Medicine. No surprise that this uncomplicated method of self-care is everyone’s favourite! Learn how to self-soothe. Convert stress, frustration and irritability and re-kindle it into calmness, serenity and peacefulness. Discover how combining the 8 Actions of Qi, physical posture, synchronized breath and visualising Golden Light can have a positive accumulative effect on overall health. See the world clearly as a well-lit path awaits you.

In order to qualify as a Golden Ball Qigong Instructor, you must attend the general workshop first (see one day courses); attend the second one day Golden Ball Instructor Course with the UK College of Health Qigong; log personal practice hours (home cultivation) before a Certificate is issued. The Golden Ball Instructor Course recaps the information given on the general workshop, along with a detailed discussion as to how to set up small groups in the community.
• Cost: £380.00 (2 days). Payable in advance.
• Time: 10.00am – 4.30pm.
• Start Date: Part 1 – Saturday 13th April, CENTRAL LONDON; Part 2 – Saturday 8th June, CENTRAL LONDON.
• License to Practice and Qualification: you will be permitted to set up recreational type classes in Village Halls and Health Centres in your designated area. Our Principal Teacher has a wealth of experience in the business aspect of Qigong and you will therefore benefit from her successful business model. This qualification will NOT permit you to teach/instruct individuals to be Medical Qigong or Health Qigong Practitioners, Instructors or Teachers. You will not be qualified to Instruct individuals with medical conditions. Please note that all Certificates are issued at the discretion of Master Anita Mason.
• Upon completion of the Golden Ball Qigong Instructor Course you will be legible to obtain insurance. Annual CPD will be required to re-validate your Certificate.
• How to Book a Place: Fill in the Contact Form and email us your details requesting a booking form for the Golden Ball Qigong Instructor Course.
• Places allocated on a strictly first come first served basis.
• Note: Please discuss with us if you have a medical condition.
• Location Details: Midlands + Regents Park, London – Nearest tube station Regents Park; Warren Street.

DAO YIN INSTRUCTOR PART 1 – Respiratory Dao Yin + Mental Dao Yin – 2 Day Course

• Dates: Next one LONDON 2019
• Time: 10.00am – 4.30pm.
• Cost: £190.00 payable in advance.
• Description: if our physical structure is correctly aligned we can then develop Respiratory Dao Yin (Tu Gu Na Xin). The emphasis is to ‘expel the old and draw in the new.’ You will learn Daoist Breathing Techniques; learn methods to facilitate Breath Awareness; learn Respiratory Tonification and Respiratory Purgation and learn some Respiratory Prescriptions.

DAO YIN INSTRUCTOR – Part 2 – Mental Dao Yin (public) – must have completed Respiratory Dao Yin Course

• Dates: Next one LONDON 2019.
• Time: Saturday 10.00am – 4.30pm.
• Cost: £190.00.
• Description: Daoist mystics, Shamans and Buddhist Priests would all use the power of the Mind for healing, enlightenment and to control the Five Elements. Learn three techniques to train the physical, energetic and spiritual mind; learn meditation and Shengong exercises and Visualisation skills.
• In addition you will be supplied with our successful business model as to how to set up in business and market ‘Dao Yin’ in small groups, in schools, village halls and community settings. This includes buzz words for advertising, graphics, facebook and website usage, posters and how to cost your classes and make a profit.

“Fantastic day and training in London. I selected the UK College of Health Qigong as it seemed the most professional and serious. Fantastic training and teaching method. I learned lots and I’m applying every day to my life. Thank you Sifu Anita!” Tiago Silva, 2018.

“Great day… such lovely people… every one of them. Great teacher whose passion to share Qi Gong with the world is inspiring. Loved being in the park and sharing the Qi Gong experience.. and the end of day a visit Mei leaf Tea house.” Karen Hillyer, 2018.