Enjoy YOU time! Our Qigong Courses are now running in London and the Midlands

Our short fun-packed one day Health Qigong Courses are great if you have never tried Health Qigong before, or if you just want an introduction to a different style of Qigong. Equally, they are designed to help you achieve – you will leave our course having a valuable energetic technique for life if that is what you want. Our Courses are open to members of the public. They are an excellent introduction to our world of Qigongology!


• Dates: Next one LONDON 2019
• Time: 10.00am – 4.30pm.
• Cost: £190.00 payable in advance.
• Details: if our physical structure is correctly aligned we can then develop Respiratory Dao Yin (Tu Gu Na Xin). The emphasis is to ‘expel the old and draw in the new.’ You will learn Daoist Breathing Techniques; learn methods to facilitate Breath Awareness; learn Respiratory Tonification and Respiratory Purgation and learn some Respiratory Prescriptions.

REN WU ZANG – One Day Workshop – 4th May – 2019 – STAFFORDSHIRE

A powerful Qigong which will give you the tools to surround yourself with a strong field of protective Qi (Wei Qi). In our daily lives we are constantly bombarded by ‘pathogenic Qi’ either from our environment or from other people, especially at work or when we travel. This technique involves a meditation/visualisation technique which will help strengthen your Five Organs; strengthen your immune system and keep colds and flu at arm’s length. What you will learn:-
• An energetic reset technique to help balance you when you need.
• ‘Ren Wu Zang’ and ‘Old Man Healing Sounds’ to help clear the invasion of pathogenic Qi. Both prescriptions protect YOU against Toxic Qi in your daily lives.
• Cost: £210.00; payable in advance.
• Time: 10.00am – 4.30pm.
• How to Book a Place: Fill in the Contact Form and email us your details requesting a booking form for Ren Wu Zang.
• Places allocated on a strictly first come first served basis.

GOLDEN BALL – 1 Day Workshop – 13th April 2019 – LONDON

Everyone’s favourite! Open to all who are interested in cultivating their own healing energy. Also known as the 8 Actions of Qi. This involves fluid movement, synchronized breath and the visualisation of a Golden Ball (Qi) moving through the body. Practiced on a regular basis, Golden Ball can have a positive accumulative effect on overall health, thus builds energy. It is an excellent tool to use for exhaustion and weak constitutions. It is also good for the management of long term anger, frustration and stress. What you will learn:-
• An energetic reset technique, Posture Alignment, Hand Positions, 8 Actions of Qi and the Tonification of the Eight Extraordinary Meridians.
• Cost: £190.00 for 1 day. Payable in advance.
• Date: Saturday 13th April 2019.
• Time: Saturday 10.00am – 4.30pm.
• Location: Regents Park, London.
• How to Book a Place: Fill in the Contact Form and email us your details requesting a booking form for Golden Ball.
• Places allocated on a strictly first come first served basis.
• Note: Please discuss with us if you have a medical condition.

“I did a workshop in Health Qigong a couple of months ago, where Anita taught us the movements and state of mind to perform the Golden Ball Qigong.
A beautiful fluid set of motions where your body and mind come together, it made me feel very calm and energised at the same time. Definitely recommend this for busy people to increase their sense of well-being. Anita is a great teacher, who will make you feel very at ease and relaxed in participating. Thank you Anita.”
Monique Keersmaekers UK.

“I noticed Anita doing the Walking Qigong in Regents Park and was fascinated with how tranquil she appeared. I wanted to feel that stillness in my hectic life. Now I have a walking meditation I can do anywhere. Would recommend to anyone who wants an easy technique to keep fit and feel calm.” Ben Taylor UK.