In the health and fitness industry all Instructors are expected to participate in regular Continuous Professional Development (CPD) to ensure their skills are current and safe. UKhealth QIGONG Instructors are no different. In the UK, an educational establishment cannot be the governing body as well; that would lead to bias. The UK College of Health Qigong is a small, privately run educational centre, not an affiliating body which would involve membership fees. We do not run our business as a state College or University. We do not accept any responsibility for the actions or services of our Instructors. This Directory does not imply legal endorsement. However, we do wish to advise the public as to who is safe, current in their knowledge and has the fortitude to demonstrate respect, honesty, integrity and humbleness. These are lifelong characteristics we feel the public deserve from our qualified Instructors. Some UKhealth QIGONG Instructors are invited to appear on this Directory page. We can assure you that at the time of their last CPD they were current in ability. There are however, some individuals who may have qualified with the UK College of Health Qigong, but we have chosen not to display them on this Directory. We ask you the public to draw your own conclusions.


• Under the Cancer Act 1939, none of our Instructors can instruct, advise, treat or cure cancer.
• Unless stated, all Qualified Health Qigong Instructors are basic level and therefore not experienced or qualified to Instruct Medical Conditions.

Philip Dixon – Leicestershire