About Sifu Anita Mason

Born into a Yorkshire farming community, my respect for universal energy was almost inherent. When your livelihood depends on what the land provides, you develop a deep appreciation for the many facets of energy, whether positive and negative. As my career developed, the sheltered life of a farming village became substituted by the hustle and bustle of the city – London, New York and California. More opportunities were available to explore, more cultures to appreciate.

I began my study of the Internal Arts at the British T’ai Chi Association in London. In addition, I initially studied with two amazingly gifted and spiritual teachers, Dr Barbara Briner and Dr Taya Stanley from The Yellow Mountain Institute in America. Later I became a student of Dr Bernard Shannon in California; an internationally recognised teacher in Medical Qigong Therapy and Daoist Priest and Sifu. Truly inspirational, genuine and experienced Dr Briner, Dr Stanley and Dr Shannon are all respected students of Grand Master Jerry Johnson, a practicing TCM Doctor and Professor of Medical Qigong Therapy.

In short, our Health Qigong College is based on a lineage we deeply admire and respect. Please note, our courses are not an exact replica of the IIMQ and the ICMQ. My passion has become more than just sharing my knowledge – all of our student practitioners will be fully qualified, ethical and join a national network.

“My life purpose is to effectively communicate current knowledge and evidence wholeheartedly, so that Eastern and Western health systems can empower human kind.”